90 Seconds to Weight Loss: Put Food in Your Muscles Not Your Fat

Weight Loss In 90 Seconds?

Sounds too good to be true, but more and more evidence is popping up showing that it is possible to shift your body’s mechanism of food transportation with 90 seconds of activity before meals to get your muscles ready to take in the food you eat, and in simple terms bypass some of the storage in your body as fat.

What is the Key to Make This Happen?

There is no magic involved, but you will need to put some effort into getting the desired effect. The good news is that the effort is minimal. You only need to do 90 seconds of large muscle group activity before eating, some good examples are as follow. Squats, wall pushups, and supermans. There are no weights or fancy machines and you can do all of these anywhere.

How Do I Do the Exercises?

Squats are just like sitting down on a chair, a good way to do them is to actually put a chair behind you sit down into it and then stand straight up off the chair without rocking, repeat this (do not rock to get up) for 30 seconds. When you get better you can just tap the chair with your but and get straight up. Pushups can be done on the floor or against the wall if the floor is too hard to start with. Make sure to keep your body in a straight line throughout the entire motion. Supermans are done by starting in on the floor on your hands and knees and lifting opposite hand and leg as high as you can in opposite directions. To clarify this you would be lifting your left-hand elbow straight thumbs up as you lift your right leg knee straight, straight up behind you. You can use an exercise ball placed under your stomach to help you with this exercise.

Keys to Success:

Consistency. You only need 90 seconds, so not having time is not gonna be a legitimate reason for not doing this exercise routine, but location may be. You are probably not going to want to be doing supermans in your favorite restaurant. So if you have no other options just find a bathroom stall and do squats for the entire 90 seconds in the privacy of your own. Make sure you do this every meal and you can judge the results yourself.

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