From Illness to Fitness : Motivate yourself to get back in shape

Fitness motivation ideas:

We have all seen great athletic performances from athletes that are ill or injured. Kirk Gibson’s home run in the World Series, Michael Jordan’s scoring performance with a 104 temperature and Shannon Miller’s battle with cancer stick out in our minds. Then there is the battle with cancer that Lance Armstrong went through. These are great efforts by athletes we admire. However, what about the average athlete or ordinary people. How do they go from illness or injury to recovery and fitness?

This article goes through four stages that an individual must go through to complete this process.

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Stage 1: Make a Plan

This will require using a licensed trainer and medical doctor. They will know the extent of your injury or illness. They will be able to work with you to coordinate a plan that will help you return to your old form. You then have to follow this plan. Can you make a plan yourself? Yes, as long as you work gradually and totally understand what you are trying to accomplish. Keep a written journal of your accomplishments.

Stage 2: Attend To Your Body Physically

Isolate the area that you want to work. For example, if you have a torn hamstring muscle, you want to focus on repair and strengthening it. Trying to work other parts of the body could add to the injury.

If you are recovering from an illness, you need to understand the limits of your medication. Focus first on the illness and then your conditioning. You might be able to do some low impact exercises, while you recover.

Hydration is very important to you at this time. This is especially important in overcoming an illness. You might still have lingering symptoms to deal with. This is to be expected. Illness and injury do not just go away immediately.

Once the illness and injury are improved, you can then return to regular fitness exercise. However, don’t overdo it. Gradually return to your workout and gradually turn up the intensity of your training. Do not try to gain everything you lost back quickly. If you were in good condition before the illness or injury, you won’t lose your overall fitness level that quickly.

Stage 3: Mental Preparation 

Just like your body is being rehabbed, so does your mind also needs rehab. Use common sense and do not think you have to push ahead full steam. Try to focus on the positive attitude it will take to return to your old self. Small victories or achievements will lead to overall success.

motivation fitnessStage 4: Return to competition

Test yourself. Recovery requires testing yourself before returning to competition and activity. Do not expect 100 percent recovery right away. Testing yourself is a good way to evaluate your fitness level. Once you do this, you will be able to determine your next steps to be taken.


Finally stay positive throughout this process. Set some small goals that will keep you aligned with your main goal of recovery.



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