Menopause symptoms – How does exercise help during menopause

Fitness Tips for Menopause:

There are several menopause symptoms that will tell a woman about the approaching menopause and the hardships associated with it. The most typical of Menopause symptoms that can’t be confused with any other are hot flushes and night sweats. This happens because of the changing hormonal levels in the woman’s body. The other menopause symptoms are irregular periods, mood swings, loss of sex drive and vaginal dryness. There can also be great amounts of anxiety, depression, irritability and panic disorders that are linked with this phase of life.

It is very important that one adopts fitness during menopause if one wants to retain that svelte waistline and not have the matronly look about them. The menopause exercise regime will enable you to beat the clock and not look older than what you are by piling on extra pounds on your frame.


menopause and weight gain

Menopause and weight gain:

There can be a huge amount of menopause weight gain if you are not active as the metabolism slows down in the body due to the large amounts of hormonal changes going on in one’s body. Exercise that you use during this stage of life will not only help you deal with the weight concerns but also enable you to fight depression and irritability and other mood disorders by the adrenaline that pumps through your body when you are active. Being active will allow you to burn the extra calories and help in maintaining the appropriate weight to body mass ratio.

Fitness during menopause will enable you to stay healthy too. Many of the concerns that are associated with being obese will not be yours to deal with. You will not have blood pressure, diabetes or cholesterol to combat. The fitness during menopause regime that you adopt depends on your requirements and the time available. Even a thirty-minute walk every day will do great wonders for you and stop the weight from being added to your frame every month.

In order to avoid menopause weight gain you might also like to participate in fun sports such as swimming, tennis, biking or just step dancing and aerobics. This will take your mind away from the painful and irritable symptoms of menopause and allow you to be able to retain your health, figure, and sanity too.

Menopause is a difficult time for a woman what with so many menopause symptoms and menopause weight gain to deal with. But, an exercise regime will certainly help.

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