The TITIN Force Weighted Shirt System

So, have you decided to buy a weighted vest? Looking for the high quality weighted vest for regular use? If like so, then, at last you reached the right place to find all excellent option for you. This review section is about The TITIN Force Weighted Shirt System and comes to know the best things about this system.

Features of The TITIN Force Weighted Shirt System:

Would you like to know the features of this weighted system before paying for it? Then, this section is really for you. Keep continue your reading to find features of The TITIN Force Weighted Shirt System.

  1. Compression apparel

The TITIN Force Weighted Shirt System only made with compression apparel and it follows proper weight placement. In addition to that, compression keeps the weight in the same place and doesn’t bounce like as ordinary weighted vest.

  1. Heating and frozen

There is a gel in this weighted vest and it is heated or frozen and stays in that particular state for 30 to 45 minutes. You can use this weighted vest to treat sore or tired muscles and this should be flexible at all temperatures.

  1. Strenuous workouts

The TITIN Force Weighted Shirt System is mainly designed for strenuous workouts, so both inner and outer pocket of this vest is made with moisture wicking material. So, it easily blocks odor or gems to get rid of diseases or uncomforting.

  1. Benefits

Working with this weighted vest results in increased lactate intake by 25%, vertical by 13%, endurance by 11%, speed by 3%, and agility.

  1. Warranty

This TITIN Force Weighted Shirt System comes to your hand with a lifetime warranty.

  1. Maximum weight

The maximum weight of this weighted vest is up to 400 lbs and you can increase weight by 8 lbs per pocket. And, it is available from 20 to 400 lbs, so you can make use any weight based on your capacity.

  1. Gravity effects

Gravity effects of this weighted vest help with agility, vertical jump, strength, and overall fitness.


  • This is the only weighted vest made with compression apparel
  • This is an ideal option for strenuous workouts
  • It suits for all temperatures
  • It comes with lifetime warranty
  • It helps to treat sore and tired muscles

8.5 Total Score
Final words:

So, if you want to try something different tool on your fitness program, then I recommend you to buy TITIN Force Weighted Shirt System.

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