Do Weighted Vests Help Osteoporosis

A weighted vest sounds like something that will be would weigh you down. This vest will have the ability to build you up with the strength, power, and bone density. This will be beneficial if you suffer from osteoporosis. Performing exercises with wearing a weighted vest will strengthen your bones and muscles to reduce your risk of falling which will be a concern if you suffer from osteoporosis.

Do weighted vests help osteoporosis?

  • Weighted vests:

do-weighted-vests-helpYou will strap a weighted vest to your body. The vest will be usually black and slips on over your exercise clothes. The weight will be added to the core of your body and you will not feel stress on the joints of your wrists or shoulders.

  • Bone density:

If you have osteoporosis then one of your goals will be to improve or maintain bone density. A weighted vest combined with the jumping exercises will help you to do. These will progress to the jumping exercise while you are wearing a weighted vest. For the prevention of osteoporosis, they will be confirmed to improved bone density while wearing a weighted vest. You have to engage in jumping exercises three times a week.

  • Risk of falling:

There will be another concern when you have the osteoporosis will be reduced the balance. The impaired balance will lead to a fall and with the weakened bones. This will lead to a bone break or fracture. If you are participating in an exercise using a weighted vest will help you to reduce falling incidents. The result will show you improvements in lower body stability, power, and strength which will be important to maintain the balance and it will reduce the risk of falling.

  • Workout program:

workout-programThis will include rising up onto the toes of the feet and landing with a slight bend in the knees. A weighted vest will be used and real jumps added into the workout. An exercise program will enhance the strength of bones before the osteoporosis sets that will include functional exercises. This type of exercise consists of daily movements like sitting in a chair and then by standing. You can also do them while wearing a weighted vest. You will also wear your vest while climbing flights of stairs. To strengthen your lower legs a half raise will be performed by rising up onto your toes and then lowering heels to the floor.

  • Safety:

Before beginning any exercise you have to speak with your doctor about the types that will be best for you. When deciding on you beginning weight you have to choose a vest equal to 10 percent of your body weight. You have to wear supportive shoes to protect your feet and ankles during the exercises. Your muscles will have a day of rest in between workouts to repair. If you have existing osteoporosis then you have to check with your doctor if the exercise program you intend to follow. Finally, a good weighted vest will not only feel great at the start of your workout.

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