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My fitness for the Week: Workout plans !

I am the type of person that wakes up sore most mornings–having a bad back and a three-year-old don’t make it much better, but waking up every day and immediately doing a quick succession of yoga poses does. I always start the day off with the Salute to the Sun, not only does it warm you up for the day, it gets you relaxed and breathing deeply.


Every Monday, I take my daughter to the pool for an hour of swimming. While she plays safely in the shallow end, I do ten laps at a time with short five minute breaks to tread water and toss a ball back and forth with my child.

On Tuesdays I take a generic approach to exercise–I hit the gym, with twenty-five minutes on the stationary bike and then up to fifteen minutes on the elliptical (if I can swing it still). After I’ve gotten my cardio in, I do low weight repetitions (up to twenty pounds) in cycles of tens with thirty-second intervals up to sixty reps.

An eight-mile walk in nature is what is called for after a day at the gym, it gives me the opportunity to take my time, collect my thoughts as well as gently stretch my legs and lower back. I typically take a little over an hour to complete it, but those days I decide to jog a couple of those miles it ends up being a shorter work out.

I don’t get much exercise on Thursdays, aside from hoofing it three miles to and from my daughter’s dance class with her on my back (and I wonder why my back is sore most mornings). I do, however, try to make the most of it and go for an extra lengthy stretching session while I’m waiting for her class to let out. Push-ups and sit-ups in sets of fifty each allow for an easy day once I make it home.

Typically Friday ends up being a repeat of Tuesday–another day at the gym–however, I end up doing most of my cardio on the elliptical (I go for the setting with the most inclines), going for thirty to forty-five minutes and then ending the cardio session with ten minutes on the stationary bike. Another session of weight lifting, with lower weight amounts (up to fifteen pounds) to tone up my triceps with (again) sixty reps, spread out in sets of ten with thirty-second intervals.

After a long week I take Saturdays to rest my body, so instead of an intense cardio workout or a long walk, I do an additional yoga session, which allows my body to stretch nicely. Having watched The Biggest Loser with my mom on occasion, I have become a fan of their Weight Loss Yoga video, which I can easily persuade my mother to join me in.

My Sunday workouts are never planned ahead–it is one of those days where I feel better when I am able to pick an activity out of the grab bag. Whether this means my monthly excursion to the mountains for my favorite fourteen-mile hike up to Holy Jim Falls, or just another day of laps in the pool. I always find something to do that is both stimulating and fun.


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